Nicholas, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Nicholas, CHRP/CHRL, CCDP she/her/hers

Becoming the person you once needed is important to me. No stranger to career transition, with lived experience and over two decades in the field, I never forget how career uncertainty feels. With designations and extensive, in-depth knowledge in Career Development, Human Resources, Recognition of Prior Learning RPL, and Personal Branding I am thrilled to offer Transitions Career Counselling and HR services.

Human Resources (HR) Support and Consulting

Whether you are a large or small employer, human resources management is key to your success.  Specializing in Recruitment & Selection, Industrial Relations and Training & Development, I love being able to help businesses succeed in finding, maintaining and mentoring their staff. Reach out and discuss your unique needs and discover the services we are able to offer. 

Transitions Career Counselling Services

Career transition is so much more than the perfect resume, cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile. Real career transition comes from within, yet so many people struggle to find it.

Seconding guessing, settling, reporting in for a job that leaves you feeling lost or exhausted, is career transition in your future? Do you want it to be?

Whether you are planning to enter or exit the labour market, advance or change your career, maybe you are feeling a little lost, disheartened or unfulfilled. We’ve got you covered. Offering a suite of services, we are ready to get you prepared for your next great adventure. 

One-on-One Career Counselling

Clarity, confidence and a clear plan of action towards your preferred future career – sound good?

Whether you are feeling completely lost or just need a fast forward in your current job search. We’ve got you covered and yes, we do resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profile content too!

Creative Conversations

Are you keen to learn about relevant career development and mental health topics, tools and trends?  What about tapping into your creative side?  Better yet, let’s combine the two!

Our Creative Chats are designed to entertain, enthrall and educate. 

These tailored sessions are designed to tap into key topic areas providing insight, great conversation and resources while also providing the option to create something uniquely yours.  Join us for a powerful two-hour session. Leave with key resources, worksheets and a bespoke creation.

Grab your friends, family and/or workmates, or simply slip out for some “me” time with us!

Dates, Place, Project & Topic information coming soon! 

My Why

Coming soon, a multi week, dynamic group session that will help you figure out your personal why.  The tie between mental health and career development has never been more prevalent.  



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