Transitions Counselling Services & Kind-Natured Psychotherapy are Private Practice therapy clinics, which mean clients pay a fee for the services offered. Fees may differ between the two practices and clients are encouraged to speak with their therapist regarding the fee. Clients pay for their session immediately before or after their session and are provided with a receipt which they can submit to their insurance provider or retain to claim as a tax deductible medical expense. 


Social Worker and Psychotherapy services can be covered by extended health insurance plans. If you have benefits, we encourage you to ask your insurance provider the following questions prior to reaching out for services:


  • Do I have coverage for psychotherapy or counselling with a Masters Level Social Worker (MSW Degree) and/or a Registered Psychotherapist with a Master of Counselling Psychology Degree?


  • How much total monetary coverage ($500, $1000, $2000, etc.) do I have per calendar year?


  • How much coverage per session (i.e.: 80% etc.)?


  • Does each family member (spouse and dependent children) have their own coverage? If yes, how much?


There are other potential sources of funding available for psychotherapy, including Victims Services (if you are a recent victim of a crime). Please watch this page for more information to come on sources of funding for counselling and psychotherapy or contact us. 



Please note: If you are unable to pay for therapy, you can call 211 in Ontario to inquire for information about options in your commuity for heavily discounted or free counselling. You can also explore our Helpful Links page, which includes many free best-practice and evidence-based self-guided and self-help resources which you can access and use. Please note these resources are not diagnostic or a substitute for mental health care with a trained professional. 




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